Student Organizations

If you're looking for ways to get involved, network with other MBA students, and participate in leadership opportunities, the Illinois MBA program has a variety of student organizations from which to choose. Each group sponsors events, ranging from panel discussions to conferences to fundraisers. Participation in these organizations is a valuable part of the MBA experience.

MBA Association

The Illinois MBA Association is a student-elected board that organizes and facilitates highly valuable professional development and social events. The goal of these events is to ensure the membership body has the greatest opportunities to apply the technical, professional, and networking skills learned in the classroom in real world settings. The MBAA schedules events with broad appeal to the entire membership body and the eight clubs that currently fall under the MBAA schedule events that cater to their specific missions and goals. The eight clubs within the MBAA currently are: Diversity Association, Women in Business, Operations & Technology Management Association, Graduate Marketing Association, Graduate Finance Association, Military Veterans Association, and Net Impact. The MBAA also provides an efficient communication link between the Illinois MBA program administration and the MBAA membership body.

Graduate Marketing Association

Graduate Marketing Association

Created to immerse Illinois MBA students in the field of marketing, and develop marketing careers.


Operations & Technology Management Assoc.

Operations & Technology Management Association

Provides opportunities for students to expand their knowledge of the field.


Graduate Finance Association


Graduate Finance Association


The leading resource for students interested in the field of finance.


Women in Business

Women in Business

Provides a platform for women to inspire one another and make lasting connections.


Net Impact

Net Impact

Created to inspire students to tackle social and environmental issues in their business careers.

Kola Foundation

Kola Foundation

Created to improve living standards and promote a more prosperous life on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.


Diversity Association

Diversity Association

Created to cultivate cultural sensitivity, in both professionals and social spheres, among Illinois MBA students.


MBA Veterans

Illinois MBA Veterans

Created to assist Illinois MBA Veterans in the transition to MBA student, in addition to volunteering in the community.





President: Duy Nguyen

  • Lead and manage MBAA operations
  • Serve as primary contact with students, faculty, committees and clubs
  • Identify and execute opportunities within the Illinois MBA program
  • Coordinate with MBAA officers to enact initiatives and implement goals
  • Conduct MBAA board meetings

VP of Alumni Relations: Jacob Hoffman

  • Serve as liaison to alumni concerning alumni/student interaction
  • Represent the MBAA to alumni at programs and events
  • Coordinate MBAA’s participation in the annual Alumni Banquet
  • Support the College of Business Mentor Program
  • Link the MBAA clubs to alumni in their area of interest

VP of Communications: David Roux

  • Manage and administer all communications for the MBAA and associated clubs
  • Design and administer surveys to students
  • Create and manage event invitations
  • Maintain and manage current MBAA communication channels, such as website, newsletters, and Facebook page Research application and effectiveness of additional communication channels

VP of Finance: David Patel

  • Manage and maintain budget and funds for MBAA and affiliated clubs
  • Report MBAA financial position on regular basis
  • Collect MBAA membership dues and event fees
  • Manage IRS activities and maintain non-profit status

VP of Programs: Megan Garcia

  • Serve as liaison to MBAA supported clubs
  • Ensure appropriate club activity and involvement
  • Maintain MBAA and affiliated club rosters
  • Coordinate sponsorship of MBAA tailgates
  • Organize MBAA luncheons and student/faculty happy hours

VP of Social Planning: Robert Staszel

  • Organize diverse social events appealing to all MBAA members
  • Develop budget for planned events and activities
  • Maintain contact list and relationships with vendors and venues
  • Coordinate with other campus groups to arrange joint events and activities


Illinois MBAA Facebook Page

Board Emails

Dan Nguyen, President:
Jacob Hoffman, VP of Alumni Relations:
David Roux, VP of Communications:
David Patel, VP of Finance:
Megan Garcia, VP of Programs:
Robert Staszel, VP of Social Planning:

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