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Class of 2016 Profile

Class statistics
Class Size


Women 27%
International 43%
Minority (% of domestic students) 49%
Under-represented Minority (% of domestic) 15%
Age (mean) 27
GMAT (mean) 659
GMAT (middle 80%) 580-710
GRE Quant (mean) 158
GRE Verbal (mean) 157
Undergrad GPA (mean) 3.3
Work Experience (mean) 50 months

* Per the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) MBA Reporting Criteria, updated 10/2006.

Undergraduate majors

Nationalities Represented

The Illinois MBA is a global program. Our current students represent the following nations throughout the world:

Australia Japan Poland
Bahrain Kenya Russia
China Malaysia South Korea
Colombia Mexico Taiwan
Germany New Zealand Thailand
Ghana Nigeria Turkey
India Pakistan United Kingdom
Indonesia Peru United States
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