Joint Degrees

Do you want to blend your interest in business with a passion for medicine? Are you looking to merge your knowledge of architecture or engineering or law with the skills of an MBA? The joint degree program offered through our MBA program can make it happen.

You choose from a master's, M.D., J.D., or Ph.D. program offered at Illinois and earn that degree at the same time as you complete your MBA, often in a shorter time than if you pursued both degrees independently. You can do that because we have built-in flexibility in our curriculum that allows you to pursue your interests outside of the core business curriculum.

Here's how you can do it. Take the MBA courses exclusively for one academic year and then spread out the remaining 20 hours of business electives in a way that works best for you as you fulfill the requirements for your second degree. For more information, read our Joint Degree Program brochure.

Popular joint degree options include Law, Engineering, Labor & Employment Relations, and Architecture. For a complete list of graduate programs, visit the University's Graduate School Program Directory. Students need to apply to each degree program separately. All admissions decisions are made independently.

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